Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Pink Nightmare

So I had lunch with my aunt (and uncle) yesterday. I may have mentioned that she is making the comforter for Quinn’s big girl room. I gave her a pile of my fabrics, most of which were Japanese with hedgehogs and mushrooms. Mostly pinks and reds. I have to say, she is SO talented. Her eye for pairing fabrics with other complementary fabrics is just crazy. She dug some more fabrics out of her own personal stash, and while I would have never had the foresight to have chosen them, they looked absolutely perfect with the fabrics I gave her. I so wish I had brought my camera to lunch (what a nerd I am). A few were vintage, and here is a piece of one that she gave me (more pink in real life):

I went to Home Depot today to match the swatch above and bought the paint. It’s called “Pink Tiger”. Man is it Pepto-Bismol, but I think it will look good with everything else in it and when the furniture/quilt are all in place. This ugly scene is from the Glidden paint preview tool. No, we will not be installing nor do we currently have green lattice carpet in her room. Yuck.

Whenever Ryan and I see something overly pink (and this paint definitely qualifies), we always say it looks like a big pink nightmare. Here’s the original big pink nightmare:

And I actually also found a website where you can buy your own adult (or kid) sized pink bunny pj's! How fun.

Happy weekend, Lovies! We are going to see The Orphanage tomorrow. Check out the site! Pretty creepy nifty. xo

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