Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well, the tree is finally down, and let me tell you, it was a fire hazard waiting to happen. Ryan had apparently stopped watering it some time ago. Our house is a pit! I should be cleaning/organizing instead of blogging, but know how that goes.

I'm just starting to put away my Xmas gifts. I need to show you some of them!

Stationery from Paper Source in lovely candy-toned Girl Land colors from my bro and sis in law:

Great Amy Sedaris book also from my bro and SIL. Why had I never looked through this or asked for it? They thought I'd like it, and I so do. Completely up my alley.

Chock full of funky photos like this one:

Lovely antique mercury glass votive holders from my other sis in law:

And this tray from my mom and dad. I love it sooooo much! I need to figure out how and where to hang it now. And here is the designer's website. So pretty. Click on "collections" at the bottom and flip through the book. How dreamy!

Off to get my chocolate chip cookies from the oven. Our 14 year old babysitter is coming over. She weighs like 90 lbs. I try to make sure we're stocked up because she usually eats about a dozen. Life is so unfair.

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ahhhh....Amy Sedaris. That book was on my list, too. It's the kind of book that has to be aqcuired as a gift, and not purchased for yourself, dontcha think? Glad to see you got so many lovelies for Xmas.