Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Realizations on a Snowflakey Gray Wednesday

+I like it when people use plus signs as bullets; thus, I am trying them on for size.

+Burning my tongue on Cosi’s Tomato Basil Aurora soup once does not deter me from doing it again…immediately.

+The two men below are one and the same. I’m sorely ashamed to say that I find the former to be way attractive.

+I start my 3rd trimester in 12 days!

+Matilda Ledger is only 14 days older than my Q. :(

+I like the name Matilda, but it sounds funny with a last name like muh-LAH-lee (I really did consider it, Jessie and Jana!). I like simply Tilda even better, but Ryan says no way to both. Poop on you, Mister.

+The estate sale I plan on attending tomorrow will be my first in over 3½ months. I’m so jonesin’ for a vintage fix.

+I truly believe that deep down, [Adam Levine] has an unknown affinity for chubby, semi-crafty, married, pregnant chicks. I could be that chick. You never know. As an aside, please feel free to insert [Justin Timberlake] or [Channing Tatum] above. It simply improves my odds.

+Buying Martha Stewart items at Michael’s after final clearance markdowns makes me approximately 3.14 times happier than buying them at regular price. I bought all of this for $11.00.

4 comments: said...

So to gauge your happiness then, all one must do is multiply your previous, regularly priced Martha Stewart at Michaels state of happiness and multiply it by Pi. Fantastic.

ps: I think Matilda Mullaly sounds cute, but I suppose the hubby has a little more to say about it than I do!

kari said...

I'm with you on the Adam Levine thing...he could totally fall for me too:o))

Sarah and Jack said...

Such a pity about Heath Ledger, isn't it?

Cheshire Kat said...


I love the ribbon! I bought the woodgrain wrapping paper.